CAD2VR® Cloud Update 1.69.1

Performance Boost

Mit dem neuen Update erhält CAD2VR® Screenshos und verbesserte Annotationen

The latest release of CAD2VR® Cloud brings a num­ber of prac­ti­cal innovations.

Performance Boost

In the new CAD2VR® Cloud ver­sion 1.69.1, the per­for­mance for large data has been impro­ved. This leads to a signi­fi­cant increase in the average frame rate, espe­ci­ally for models with a large num­ber of parts.

CAD Importer

The dis­play accu­racy of the impor­ted data has been impro­ved with a new stra­tegy. The loa­ded models are now dis­played more accu­ra­tely and miss­ing sur­faces are avoided.

Solidworks 2023

The Solid­works Importer now sup­ports ver­sion 2023.